ScubaPro HUD Software Update

For all of our Divers using the ScubaPro Heads Up Display (HUD) Dive Computer, a new software update (version 1.30) was announced today. You can download the update with instructions on the update process at ScubaPro’s website.

Here’s what’s new in this latest version:

  • GPS Waypoints can be set using the ScubaPro LogTRAK App for Android
  • New color schemes for enhanced contrast in light intensive situations
  • Support for ScubaPro Digital Heart Rate Belt (coming soon)
  • Improved data logging implementation containing:
    • Less memory consumption
    • Safety stop timer bookmark included
    • Apnea total dive time and immersion information adjusted
    • RBT added
  • Improved user experience in dive display
    • Highlight selected menu entry
    • “Long press” always jumps back one menu level
    • No Stop Time is shown as “–” in depth < 0.8 meters
  • Improved setting experience
    • Alarms are saved for future dives
    • Gas settings and tank pairing remain after software update
    • Setting time over GPS and Bluetooth

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