Busy Sunday on the Spectre

We had a busy Sunday on the Spectre Dive Boat on Sunday, Feb 7, 2021! Two new Open Water Divers – Kaitlyn and Sophia, Kendra completed her Deep Diving certification and earned her Advanced Open Water rating in the process, and Matt completed his Horizon Semi-Closed Rebreather certification! Congrats to all!

We did three dives on the back side of Anacapa Island. Dive sites were East Fish Camp, Surveyor’s Rock, and Backside Lighthouse. Very nice crossing with lots of dolphins coming and going. Conditions were pretty good – no current to speak of, mid-50s water temps, with visibility in the 30+ foot range. Water was a bit green, but plenty of sea life out and about. Matt and I got buzzed by a few sea lions at Backside Lighthouse as well. And on our rebreathers, we were able to approach large schools of fish without spooking them. A really great day, and we were even back at the harbor at 2:00 PM!

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