March Was A Busy Month!

Wow! Sorry for the lack of posts for a while, but March was a busy month for us at the shop! Many new Divers, more ConEd certs, and an Instructor Course and Evaluation kept us hopping. Congrats to all of our Divers and Pros on their new certifications and ratings!

Here’s the run down and shout out to all of our Divers:

  • Open Water Divers
    • Kendra Abernathy
    • Josh Andersen
    • Shawn Hoven
    • Michael Kennedy
    • John Romena
  • Dive Pro – Tim Brausam
    • Open Water Instructor
    • Diver Stress and Rescue Instructor
    • EANx Instructor
    • Dive Guide Instructor
  • Advanced Diver Ratings
    • Specialty Diver: Matt Asbury, Brad Stolshek
    • Advanced Open Water Diver: Brad Stolshek
    • Master Diver: Tim Brausam, Brad Stolshek
  • Century Divers (100+ logged dives)
    • Sam Hindman
    • Brad Stolshek
  • Stress and Rescue Divers
    • Darin Asbury
    • Matt Asbury
  • React Right (CPR, First Aid, AED)
    • Kendra Abernathy
    • Darin Asbury
    • Matt Asbury
    • Brad Stolshek
  • Marine Ecology
    • Aspen Abernathy
    • Darin Asbury
    • Nicole Tryon
  • Navigation
    • Brad Stolshek
  • Night & Limited Visibility Divers
    • Orion Feeney
    • Svetlana Isaeva
    • Brad Stolshek
    • Natasha Wolfe
  • Perfect Buoyancy Divers
    • Sam Hindman
    • Luis Monterde

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