New Divers in May

Another busy month at Channel Islands Scuba! New Divers, more ConEd certs, and Pros adding to their teaching portfolio. Congrats to all!

And with Mothers’ Day in May and Fathers’ Day in June, extra congrats to our Divers who got certified with their children this month – Bill & Dylan, Anders & Theodor, and especially Rachel & Caldwell who completed their certs on Mothers’ Day!

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March Was A Busy Month!

Wow! Sorry for the lack of posts for a while, but March was a busy month for us at the shop! Many new Divers, more ConEd certs, and an Instructor Course and Evaluation kept us hopping. Congrats to all of our Divers and Pros on their new certifications and ratings!

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New Open Water Divers!

Congrats to Shawn and John on completing their Open Water Certifications on the Spectre Dive Boat this past weekend! And extra congrats to John, who becomes the third generation in his family certified by Channel Islands Scuba! His granddaughter, Aspen, and daughter, Kendra, joined him for his final dive.

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Kayak Diving – Water Entry and Exit

As many of our Divers know, there are plenty of great diving opportunities right along our coast. But, the closer you are to shore, the lower visibility can be, and nobody likes long surface swims. So, what’s the answer to expanding your diving locations? A kayak! Get to places you can’t easily reach from shore, and places the dive boat don’t go, by setting up a kayak for Scuba Diving. Here, we demonstrate water entry and exit off of a kayak. Stay tuned for more kayak diving fun from Channel Islands Scuba!

Busy Sunday on the Spectre

We had a busy Sunday on the Spectre Dive Boat on Sunday, Feb 7, 2021! Two new Open Water Divers – Kaitlyn and Sophia, Kendra completed her Deep Diving certification and earned her Advanced Open Water rating in the process, and Matt completed his Horizon Semi-Closed Rebreather certification! Congrats to all!

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