ScubaPro HUD Software Update

For all of our Divers using the ScubaPro Heads Up Display (HUD) Dive Computer, a new software update (version 1.30) was announced today. You can download the update with instructions on the update process at ScubaPro’s website.

Here’s what’s new in this latest version:

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Invalid Hydro Stamps on Scuba Cylinders

The Department of Transportation is seeking assistance from divers to identify Scuba Cylinders with an invalid Retesters Identification Number (RIN).  The RIN is applied after hydrostatic testing, which must be performed every five years to ensure Scuba Cylinders are in a safe condition.  It identifies which facility performed the hydrostatic test.  Each facility performing these tests is required to be licensed and verified to ensure public safety in the testing and handling of Scuba Cylinders.

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